Fans of anime have yet another Netflix project to look forward to. Netflix, which aired the live-action remake of “Death Note,” has announced its new project: a live-action adaptation of the popular anime and manga series “One Piece.”

Eiichiro Oda, writer and illustrator of the “One Piece” manga, had this to say about the “One Piece” Netflix adaptation: “It seems that I can finally make the big announcement: Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service will be lending us their tremendous production support! This is so encouraging!! How far will the story progress over the 10 episodes of Season 1? Who will be cast!? Please be patient a little longer and stay tuned!”

Oda is serving as an executive producer for the adaptation.

According to the tweet one version of a live-action “One Piece” was announced back in 2017, but Netflix took over in order to bring the story to a wider audience around the world.

Variety reports that “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Luke Cage” writer Matt Owens will executive produce and pen the upcoming Netflix series. Netflix will be working with Tomorrow Studios, the same studio that is developing another live-action anime adaptation, “Cowboy Bebop,” starring John Cho as Spike Spiegel and Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black. Netflix has ordered 10 episodes for its first season.

One Piece
“One Piece” Chapter 969 might show fans the fight between Oden and Kaido and might give a glimpse of what Roger and Whitebeard talked about more than a couple of decades ago. Bandai Namco/YouTube Screenshots

Polygon points out that this is the first time “One Piece” has had a legitimate live-action production, noting that there has been one live-performance at a Japanese theme park. Previous attempts at adapting live-action anime shows have historically not been well received.

The Netflix series “Death Note” premiered with abysmal reviews and angry fans of the original. Similarly but worth noting, live-action big-screen adaptations like “Dragon Ball Z” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” have been shunned completely by critics.

The first season of the Netflix series “One Piece” does not, at press time, have a release date.