Spooky Buddies
Disney’s “Spooky Buddies” is streaming on Netflix for the month of October. Disney

Halloween, which is known for its terrifying tales and haunting moments, is quickly approaching. While many choose to celebrate this time of year by watching horror movies that result in sleepless nights, those are not the only options available. There are a ton of family friendly Halloween movies to stream on Netflix that everyone in the household can enjoy.

Check out this list of over 20 movies and shorts that are available to stream on Netflix.


When Coraline begins to explore her family’s new home, she unlocks a secret door that leads to an alternate universe that is just like her world, but better. Although Coraline enjoys her time in the new place, she isn’t willing to make it her permanent home and must fight in order to be free.

“Dreamworks Shrek’s Swamp Stories”

Shrek is celebrating Halloween with the help of his best pals, including Puss in Boots, with a kingdom-wide singing competition.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

When the king of Halloween Town kidnaps Santa Claus and attempts to put his own spin on Christmas, he realizes that his plan to change up a holiday tradition isn’t working out as well as he had hoped.

“Dreamworks Spooky Stories”

Shrek and his friends gather in a haunted castle where they tell scary stories. Also joining in on the fun are several popular Dreamworks characters, including creatures from “Monsters vs. Aliens.”

“Trick Or Treaters”

Three robbers come up with a brilliant plan to kidnap a child for ransom. However, when they end up taking an orphan, they become smitten with the little girl.

“Dreamworks Spooky Stories 2”

Shrek and his friends are back and decide to have some fun by parodying Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Meanwhile, B.O.B. from “Monsters vs. Aliens” fights off zombie carrots and Megamind is forced to deal with the effects of “The Button of Doom.”

“Spooky Buddies”

On Halloween, Air-Bud’s puppies decide to investigate the strange events happening at a spooky mansion, rumored to be haunted by the Halloween Hound.

“R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls”

When a few high school students check out a traveling horror show that comes to town, they learn the showrunner is evil and has ulterior motives.

“R.L. Stine’s Mostly Ghostly: One Night in Doom House”

When an army of evil spirits led by Phears are desperate to get their hands on an enchanted crystal, Max Doyle and his ghost pals race to find the crystals first and save the world.

“Corpse Bride”

While practicing his vows in the woods ahead of his wedding, Victor is dragged into the underworld, where a corpse bride wants him all to herself.

“Marvel’s Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell”

On Halloween, the Hulk and Dr. Strange fight against creatures destroying New York. The two then discover villain Nightmare’s evil plan and try to stop him.

“Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef”

While attending a Monster High party, Lagoona and her friends are transported to the reef, where she will have to face her fears and get her friends back home.

“Casper’s Scare School”

Casper decides it’s time to toughen up and attend Scare School, but gets more than he bargained for when his education takes a turn for the worse.

“Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores”

What starts out as a luxurious cruise quickly turns into a vacation disaster, when the ship Lagoona and her friends are traveling on ends up stranded on an island known for its notorious beasts.

“Mummy I’m A Zombie”

Halloween proves to be a difficult day for Dixie, who is working on planning the ultimate party while running for student council and trying to save the world.

“Monster High: Haunted”

After hearing Monster High is haunted, Spectra Vondergeist returns to find out what’s really going on at her old school.

“Children’s Favorites: Halloween Treats”

Join some of the most beloved characters among kids like Bob the Builder, Barney, Angelina Ballerina and Rubbadubbers as they teach little ones how to celebrate and enjoy the spooky holiday.

“All Hallows’ Eve”

Initially attempting to awaken the spirit of her late mother, a teen mistakenly summons an evil witch who wants nothing more than to destroy her town.

“Pac’s Scary Halloween”

When Dr. Pacenstein plots with Eeghost to switch bodies with Pac during a Halloween party, it’s up to Count Pacula, Spiral and Cyli to save their friend

“Girl Vs. Monster”

After being told to stay out of the basement by her parents, a teen mistakenly releases supernatural creatures and must take down an immortal monster and her army.

“My Babysitter’s A Vampire: The Movie”

When his parents leave for a fun night out on the town, Ethan learns his beautiful babysitter is actually a vampire.