And just like that, it's a wrap on "Love Is Blind" Season 1.

The breakout Netflix reality series dropped the reunion on Thursday and, in a neat little bow, wrapped up what's been happening with the cast since they filmed the show over a year ago.

Hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey wasted no time getting down to the nitty-gritty and asking what fans truly wanted to know -- Who's still together?

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As it turns out, all of the relationships maintained the same status as when the series ended. That means Amber Pike and Matt Barnett are still married, as are Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton. Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas are not together and are both single. Kelly Chase revealed that she is still single, while her former fiancé Kenny Barnes has moved on with someone new. Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack did not rekindle their romance, which wasn't exactly a shocker. However, Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli did!


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"I feel like where we are now is just so right for us. We can just date, and he has his own place, I have my own place. We're getting to know each other at our own pace. It's just so refreshing," Giannina said during the reunion. "It hurt so much, but it's all about what I can do with that, what did I learn from that."

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As a refresher, the duo made it all the way to their wedding when Damian shocked his fianceé and said "I don't" at the alter. The General Manager admitted that he thought Giannina would be the one to back out of the wedding and that they would be able to continue dating but, as it was heavily documented on "Love Is Blind", that's not what happened.

Eventually, though, the two did find each other again.

"Since the show, it's just been such an amazing journey with you," Giannina said to Damian. "To get to know you, to see how we integrate with each other's lives. My friends and family love you...I'm so happy."

All 11 episodes of "Love Is Blind" are available for streaming on Netflix.

Love Is Blind-Giannina and Damian
Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers starred on Season 1 of "Love Is Blind." Netflix