On Jan. 22, Netflix subscribers could begin streaming, "Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak." Some felt as though the new docu-series, which the streaming site says revolves around experts' "efforts to stop the next global outbreak," was oddly-timed due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Additionally, other viewers wondered how much they could learn about the new virus from the Netflix series.

In a recent interview with Mashable, Dr. Sheri Fink and Dr. Ryan McGarry, who served as executive producers of "Pandemic," shared their thoughts about the information included in the new documentary.

Dr. Fink stated that the Netflix series can show audiences quite a bit about "how new viruses emerge, how people around the world monitor for them, what frontline doctors face in trying to treat them, what it looks like to try to stop an outbreak, and the basic things that people can do to themselves stay healthy."

Continuing, she added, "What it can't tell us about is this specific novel coronavirus, because of course, we were not filming when this coronavirus came out. So it can't tell you what the situation is now where you live."

However, the doctors revealed that there are still similarities between the work exhibited on the show and what is likely going on in hospitals around the globe as they combat the Coronavirus.

In the event that the virus is not contained in the future, Fink said that medical professionals will begin "working to develop diagnostics, medicines, and a vaccine," which she said is "similar to the work shown in 'Pandemic' that's focused on flu."

As for what they want viewers to take away from the new project, McGarry said that he hopes the show is "really useful to people who might be afraid right now or might be interested [in the subject]." He then added, "We also hope that there's a hopeful message there, which is that there are things we can do and there are things that are being done to address these threats."

"Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak" is currently streaming on Netflix.

Pictured is the Netflix logo and a remote control. AFP/Lionel BONAVENTURE