Netflix expiring january 2015
Streaming video service providers such as Netflix outperformed the sales and rentals of physical video platforms in 2014. Reuters

Starting this spring, Netflix will put its stamp of approval on new TVs.

The company is launching a "Netflix Recommended" program, in which it will affix its logo to Internet-connected TVs that are capable of showing Netflix's ultra-high-definition programming.

Greg Peters, Netflix's chief of streaming and partnerships, announced the program on stage with LG, one of its initial partners, at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. "The history of innovation with Netflix and LG goes back to 2008 when LG was the first to put Netflix streaming in a Blu-ray player," he said. He added that TVs that can accommodate 4K streaming are the best way to watch Netflix originals like "Orange Is the New Black."

In addition to LG, Netflix will slap its seal of approval on TVs from Sony, Sharp, Vizio and manufacturers of Roku TV. In addition to providing high-definition, 4K resolution, TVs will earn the logo for offering ease of use in getting to the Netflix service, including "faster app launch and faster resume of video playback."

Netflix said it will approve TVs at a wide variety of price points and screen sizes. With 50 million subscribers, the streaming service could be in a position to help the struggling TV industry, which has been trying for years to convince people to upgrade their sets like they upgrade smartphones.

Netflix is one of few content providers, including Amazon and YouTube, that have committed to streaming in 4K. LG says it expects that 60 percent of its lineup will be 4K-capable in 2015.