• Tropical Storm Isaias left havoc in New Jersey
  • It state-wide power outage which lasted for more than 12 hours
  • Many netizens took their power outage frustration on Twitter
  • Officials reportedly said that power restoration is underway
  • Unfortunately, it may take several days in some areas

There has been a state-wide power outage after Tropical Storm Isaias hit New Jersey. The loss of electricity has reportedly lasted for more than 12 hours and amid dealing with the aftermath of the storm, netizens took out their frustrations on Twitter with #poweroutage.

New Jersey has entered the state of emergency as officials anticipated heavy rainfall and treacherous winds because of Tropical Storm Isaias, CBS New York reported on Tuesday afternoon.

Several electric providers for New Jersey have reported power outages, including PSE&G New Jersey, Jersey Central Power & Light, Atlantic City Electric and Orange & Rockland due to the Tropical Storm Isaias, the news site further reported.

Many netizens, amid the state dealing with the havoc of this catastrophic event, took their frustrations over the long power outage on Twitter. Some netizens expressed hating living in the said state because of the power outage for more than 12 hours.

The tweets concerning the power outage kept on coming as consumers ran out of patience for lack of updates on power restoration.

Meanwhile, other netizens found ways to deal with the power outage.

PowerOutage.US reported that more than 3 million electric consumers were without power because of the Tropical Storm Isaias. The report was posted through their official Twitter account, highlighting that as of 4:30 in the afternoon of Tuesday, more than 1.3 million in New Jersey were out of power.

As of late, New Jersey took on the number 1 spot in areas affected by the power outage. New York came in second, while Connecticut and Pennsylvania were on the third and fourth spots, respectively, according to PowerOutage.US.

Currently, the power outage tracking site has noted that more than 75,000 consumers in New Jersey still experience the power outage with Atlantic City Electric. Under First Energy, more than 560,000 consumers are still out of power.

For Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. and Public Service Electric and Gas, more than 42,000 and 300,000 consumers, respectively, are still out of power. Finally, more than 3,000 consumers still don’t have power for Sussex REC.

At least 5 people were already killed after Tropical Storm Isaias hit the East Coast, CNN reported. As of 5:00 AM EDT (0900 UTC) today (Aug.5), rain and gusty winds continue to spread over east of Quebec, the National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center reported.

Officials said they could handle the outages but the restoration to some areas could last for days, reported.