• The first consumer-ordered antibody test will be available for purchase online
  • The antibody test can determine if you have already been exposed to the virus
  • Patients can have the results of the antibody test in one to two days

An announcement was made by Quest Diagnostics about the test, stating that people can buy the test online without going to the doctor’s office. The company also stated that customers could make the purchase through their consumer-initiated testing portal, QuestDirect, starting Tuesday.

coronavirus antibody test can now be purchased online
coronavirus antibody test can now be purchased online Gustavo Fring - Pexels

Request And Purchase online

According to Quest Diagnostics, their COVID-19 Immune Response is available for prospective customers at The company, in their press release, also stated that with QuestDirect, anyone could request the test, and if they qualify, buy it online.

Each test request is thoroughly reviewed, and whenever suitable, an order for testing will be issued by a licensed physician. Those who wish to speak with a physician about their results can do so, said the company.

Serology Testing

The medical lab also said that with QuestDirect, individuals might be able to determine whether or not they already have been exposed to COVID-19 and if they have developed antibodies. They reminded customers, however, that they do not make claims as to whether the development of antibodies provides patients some degree of protection against re-infection and, if so, for how long.

The main purpose of this test, according to Quest Diagnostics, is to find out whether you have been exposed to the virus and whether you have developed antibodies against it. If the answer is yes on both, then it may mean that such a person has some degree of immunity to COVID-19. Blood serum specimens are used in this type of antibody testing, which is sometimes called serology testing.

Test Results Are Available In A Couple Of Days

According to Quest Diagnostics, the test results are made available to the patients on MyQuest in an easy-to-read report. MyQuest is the secure patient portal of the company and can be accessed on a tablet, desktop, or smartphone. The company further said that patients can have the test results within 1-2 days on average, after providing a blood draw.

The company also told would-be customers that after buying their service online, an individual will be requested to schedule an appointment for a blood draw. This procedure is performed at any of the 2,200 patient service centers that are run by Quest Diagnostics. The company also reminded patients and employees that those being tested must not have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms for at least ten days. They must also wear a face mask and pass a temperature check.