George and Charlie, the happy-go-lucky dogs are looking for a new home.

A pair of six-year-old basset hounds was brought in the care of South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter on Oct. 8. They were en route to Florida from New England when their owner fell ill and was taken to a local hospital in New Jersey. George, a male, and Charlie, a female, were sent to the shelter and have been there over the last couple of months while the owner was recovering.

However, their stay in the shelter was meant to be temporary and they were hoped to be reclaimed by their owner. However, the owner is still in hospital and is far from recovering. The dogs grew restless to find a home.

People at Pampered Pup Luxury Pet Resort offered to take care of the pets until Thanksgiving. George and Charlie were handed over to the boarding facility on Oct. 24 waiting to be reclaimed from there. Their owner, in the meanwhile, was transferred from the hospital to a long-term care facility, leaving the two dogs to their fate. They were returned to the shelter a day before Thanksgiving. The shelter has now decided to put them for adoption.

Anyone interested can contact the shelter at +1856-691-1500 or at

This is a representational image of dogs. Pixabay