Two police officers were shot Tuesday in Jersey City while responding to an active shooter situation. Police are pursuing two shooters who opened fire on Martin Luther King Drive just around 12:51 p.m.

According to reports, the two gunmen began opening fire on passersby from the front of the JC Kosher Supermarket. One of the officers was shot on the street, while the other was shot in Bayview Cemetery. In addition, at least one person is believed to have been shot in the store.

“I have been briefed on the unfolding situation in Jersey City,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the men and women of the Jersey City Police Department, especially with the officers shot during this standoff, and with the residents and schoolchildren currently under lockdown.”

The shooters were said to be a man and a woman dressed all in black. They arrived on the scene in a U-Haul van and proceeded to enter the grocery store with large firearms.

The shootout with police lasted from until around 2:10 p.m.

At 2:44 p.m., officers reported finding pipe bombs in the shooters’ van.

In response to the shooting, all streets and schools in the vicinity of the shooting have been placed under lockdown. The Sacred Heart School across the street from the store was evacuated. As a precaution, schools in nearby Bayonne were placed under shelter-in-place while the situation continues to unfold. Rail lines in the surrounding areas were suspended.

crime scene
This is a representational image showing a crime scene tape in Alexandria, Virginia, on June 15, 2017. Getty Images/Mark Wilson