Six people were killed Tuesday in a Czech hospital after a gunman entered and open fired before taking his own life.

The shooting occurred at about 7 a.m. in the city of Ostrava in the eastern Czech Republic. The alleged gunman, 42, entered a waiting room at the University Hospital in Ostrava, reportedly armed with a “short handgun” and opened fire. Police responded to the shooting within five minutes while the gunman reportedly fled in a silver Renault Laguna.

Police reportedly tracked down the car and found the alleged shooter had shot himself in the head. He was reportedly still alive at the time and attempted to resuscitate him but was pronounced dead shortly after.

“When the police arrived to the site of the car, the suspect was still alive. After around 30 minutes of resuscitation attempt, he died,” Interior Minister Jan Hamáček told reporters.

Two women and four men were reportedly killed in the shooting spree while another two were rushed into surgery for their wounds. One was said to be in serious condition following brain surgery while the other was still receiving treatment.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis took to Twitter to address the shooting.

Most of the hospital’s campus has since reopened with the exception of the building where the shooting occurred. Patients that require dialysis will be able to access the building if necessary.