Hasbro has announced a new Monopoly token will be added to the popular board game. But sadly, for a new token to be added, a classic token has to be eliminated. Fans can vote to determine what token gets replaced.

For Monopoly, the fight begins with the token. Some preferred the shoe, others the car, Scottie dog, hat, battleship or thimble. Others chose to select the iron or the wheelbarrow. According to The Associated Press, Monopoly has been around for nearly 80 years and the introduction of a new token is a way to revamp Monopoly’s image and introduce the classic board game to a new audience.

A new Monopoly token is a big change, especially with the elimination of a classic token, and Hasbro has set up a Facebook contest, "Save Your Token," where fans can vote on what gets added and what gets removed. The new tokens include a ring, cat, helicopter, guitar and a robot with a mustache.

Fans have been quite vocal about the proposed change. On the Monopoly Facebook page, many fans are chiming in about their favorite and least favorite tokens. There is also a vocal contingent that don’t want any of the Monopoly tokens to be removed, feeling that Hasbro should not mess around with a good thing.

Hasbro has changed Monopoly before, notes AP, either using new technology, such as an electronic bank or through various licenses. The tokens that many fans hold near and dear are not actually the original Monopoly tokens.

According to AP, six of the eight tokens up for elimination were included with the original version of Monopoly. Instead of the Scottie dog and wheelbarrow, which were added in the 1950s, players could chose a lantern, purse, cannon or a rocking horse, notes AP. A man on horseback token was added in the '50s but later retired.

The new token will be added to Monopoly later this year, reports AP. So far, it looks like the wheelbarrow and the iron are in danger of being eliminated while Hasbro is not revealing which new Monopoly token is winning.