This is one jam-packed New Music Friday!

Literally. The biggest jams are now out, including every song off of Demi Lovato’s long-awaited sixth studio album, “Tell Me You Love Me,” and a PARTYNEXTDOOR collaboration with Halsey.

But the fabulous new music far from stops there. These songs will last you all Friday, all weekend, all week, all year and beyond. Okay, let’s get down to the music (literally and figuratively, of course).

Pink – “Beautiful Trauma”

This title track off of Pink’s upcoming album, which is out Oct. 13, is only traumatic in the way it is so devastatingly beautiful. It starts off softly, slowly drawing you in until it amps up and Pink just starts spouting all the things she’s feeling. It’s musically pleasing, relatable emotionally and is that classic, perfect Pink anthem that wonderfully meshes different avenues of sound to create a masterwork.

Demi Lovato – “Cry Baby,” “Ruin The Friendship” and “Concentrate”

It’s not fair to try to narrow down Lovato’s new album, “Tell Me You Love Me,” to only a few songs as these tracks are out of this world. But, let’s be honest, the entire album is a masterpiece of R&B/soul/pop fusion. So, start with these three songs, move onto all the others in the album and then just listen to the entire thing on repeat until you get sick of it. Which will be never.

Miley Cyrus – “She’s Not Him”

One of the top choices to check out first from Cyrus’ new album, “Younger Now,” is definitely this one. Open and honest, calm and sincere, this tune is all the things a ballad should be. She’s introspective and apologetic, set to a simple musical backdrop that allows Cyrus’ smooth voice and emotional voice to be at the forefront. Besides the musical reasons to be in love with this song, for which there are many, there’s also the fact that there aren’t that many mainstream artists putting out songs that express their pansexuality and LGBTQ+ alliance like Cyrus does on this song.

PRETTYMUCH – “Teacher”

If these boys aren’t on your radar, they need to be immediately. It doesn’t matter how they were formed, (by Simon Cowell, of course) because all that matters is that fortunately, they were. This track is a great follow-up to their debut single, “Would You Mind,” and shows off a completely different style within the pop realm. “Teacher” sounds like if a boyband covered a Fifth Harmony song and then added its own flair, and that’s a pretty high compliment. Great, now the thought of a PRETTTYMUCH and Fifth Harmony collaboration is the only thing we’ll be able to think about until it happens.

Pixie Lott feat. Stylo G – “Won’t Forget You”

Lott’s new single throws a punch during its short two-and-a-half-minute run and won’t be something you’ll soon forget. It ends too soon, but then again, that’s where the repeat button comes in handy. You’ll learn the chorus real quick and easily start to be able to sing along, though you’ll want to sing a little softer as to be able to continue to hear Lott’s beautifully domineering voice come through. Overall, it’s a great song to dance to, to drive to, to sit alone and bop to - it’s good for it all.

Echosmith – “Dear World”

Consider this song as Echosmith’s side entry into the world of indie-folk-pop and it’s a wonderful, quiet-but-confident entrance. The band released its “Inside a Dream” EP on Friday, which contains seven songs, but it’s lead singer Sydney Sierota’s voice on this track that really makes you stop and listen. She might be singing out to the world, but it seems like she’s already found her place on this earth and it’s definitely singing songs like this.

ROZES – “Famous”

Continuing to prove that she’s coming for the pop music world hard, ROZES’ new single once again shows off her interesting and striking voice as she uses it to sing a catchy melody with fun and confident lyrics. The song is destined to become a favorite as once you listen to it, you’ll want to listen again and then again and then some. Just add it to your playlist now and thank us later.

Hedley – “All Night”

The Canadian band dropped their brand new album, “Cageless,” on Friday, with this track really rising to the top of a great-song-filled pile. The vocals are beautiful, with a melody that makes you want to quickly learn the words to sing along and banging beats in the back that has your upper body and head swaying and moving, whether you’re sitting or standing.

PARTYNEXTDOOR feat. Halsey – “Damage”

PARTYNEXTDOOR’s seven-song surprise EP on Friday, aptly titled “Seven Days,” is a eclectic mix of songs, with his Halsey-featured track really standing out from the rest. He alone has an interesting voice, but then add in Halsey’s captivating and unique voice and it’s a combo that shouln’t be ignored.

The Night Game – “Once in a Lifetime”

The second single from Martin Johnson’s new project The Night Game, “Once in a Lifetime,” explains exactly what listening to this song is. It’s a once-in-a-life experience that you can luckily replay over and over again. Though he’s the same lead singer from the exceptional Boys Like Girls, Johnson brings a different perspective and sound to this new project. This is The Night Game’s second single and only adds to the first one, “Outfield,” to further explain to the listener what the band’s sound is: simply unique.