jessie j new song
Jessie J, who attended the DeGrisogono ‘Love On The Rocks’ during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2017 in Cap d'Antibes, France, released a new song on Friday. Getty Images

It’s the first Friday of October and there are already so many great new tracks to enjoy. With tunes from Sam Smith to Grace VanderWaal to Maroon 5, it looks like it’s going to be a great month and a great fall season for music.

Here are the brand new tracks that need your immediate attention.

Jessie J – “Not My Ex”

For years now, Jessie J has had one of the most beautifully-underrated voices around and it’s about time people paid it some attention. She has the kind of strong, raspy, stunning voice that deserves so much more than a one-and-done listen. It deserves to be cherished and listened to often. With so many songs that span so many genres and topics, that’s an easy thing to do no matter what mood you’re in.

This new song is the perfect piece of evidence in The Case of the Velvet Voice. It’s the latest track off of her upcoming album, “R.O.S.E,” and with all of its power and passion it’s more than enough to hold us over. It brings you in from the first note, the first lyrics and the first beat and will make you never want to leave. She has the perfect combination of everything to make this song endlessly playable. She sings about her ex telling her she’s flawless, but she won’t need that ex as the whole world will be telling her the same thing after hearing this song.

Lin-Manuel Miranda feat. Artists for Puerto Rico - “Almost Like Praying”

In a matter of weeks, Miranda was able to write a song and rally together with other artists, including Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello, to record it and release it, as well as film a music video of sorts. That’s what happens when there’s so much passion. A passion for music, sure, but also a passion for helping others, as all the proceeds of this star-studded, beautiful song go to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Maroon 5 feat. Julia Michaels – “Help Me Out”

If you need some temporary saving from whatever’s going on in your life, this song is the answer. Michaels is slowly, but surely busting into the front of the musical scene, as she’s always been behind the curtain as a hit songwriter. This song is only helping kick that all into high-gear as her featured performance on this new Maroon 5 song is a perfect collaboration. Her voice mixed with Adam Levine’s is savory and sweet.

Bea Miller – “Repercussions” and “S.L.U.T.”

Dropping “Chapter 3: Yellow” on Friday, the latest EP in a collection that will eventually make up her sophomore album, Miller continues to prove that the girl on “X Factor USA” was only the smallest fraction of who she truly is and what she can really do. Which is surreal considering that that girl was pretty amazing to start with. While the EP has three fantastic songs, it felt necessary for this list to narrow it down, though it was difficult to even do that. Two out of the three songs was the compromise. She rocks the boat and stands her ground with “Repercussions,” leaving listeners unable to stop listening to the song’s chill vibe, or simply not wanting to. While on “S.L.U.T,” she takes back the term and turns it into a sweet little unforgettable thing of a word, all the while giving us a catchy, confident anthem.

Sam Smith – “Pray”

Along with announcing his new album, “The Thrill Of It All,” on Friday, Smith also dropped this new track off of it. He has an incredible way of making a ballad that’s emotional, sincere and powerful, but also catchy and exciting. He does this once again on “Pray” and we’ll all just have do just that in the hopes that his entire upcoming album has more of this goodness.

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – “The Rest of Our Life”

McGraw and Hill dropped this song together on Friday, their 21st anniversary, and announced that they have a joint album coming out soon, for the first time ever. After over two decades of marriage, they’re about to have a new first and it’s a good thing for all of us. You can hear the chemistry and sincerity between the two of them in this new song. It’s romantic and real and mellow and melodic. It’s the perfect kick-off to what their album will likely sound like.

Lauv – “Easy Love”

One thing’s for certain and that’s that this song is easy to love. Lauv’s voice is front-and-center and with his smooth tone and sweet switches, that’s a very good thing. Prepare to simply listen to this song over and over again while moving your head side to side to the rhythm just enjoying yourself.

Grace VanderWaal – “Escape My Mind”

With such unique and exciting vocal qualities, VanderWaal’s songs are always a good choice. Escape your world and your mind and simply take in this new track and feel the raw emotion in her voice while connecting to the relatable lyrics.

Ty Dolla $ign feat. YG – “Ex”

Fun, funky and fresh. This song has those classic three Fs that make it impossible for you to not have an enjoyable experience while listening to it. Side effects may include dancing, swaying, smiling, head-bobbing and pressing the repeat button.

JP Cooper – “Closer”

For those looking for a relaxing, lovely, calm, sweet song featuring an adoring voice that can beautifully switch vocal registers, then this is the song for you. Cooper knows how to blend his voice and the music incredibly well to make up a song that pleases the ears to an extreme. Lucky for listeners, he has a lot more where that came from as his debut album, “Raised Under Grey Skies,” is now out.