• Obesity is a huge problem today affecting many countries
  • NHS has developed a new scheme that will help curb obesity and fight type 2 diabetes
  • This scheme has helped those to get rid of almost 30,000 stones

Patients who are observing a scheme designed by NHS are on their way to a healthier future after being able to get rid of almost 30,000 stones. The heaviness of all these stones combined has been compared to the weight of more than 40 ambulances.

Almost 90,000 people were able to complete the Diabetes Prevention Program of the NHS. The program offers expert advice on a healthy lifestyle, dieting, and exercise. Because of the tremendously positive results, the NHS foresees that the size of the scheme will be double to be able to support approximately 200,000 people annually.

effective nhs program to lose weight
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More Work To Be Done

There is more work needed, however, to fight obesity. This is according to Professor Jonathan Valabhji, the national clinical director for diabetes and obesity of the NHS. He said that while the success of the program is encouraging, there is still a huge need to tackle obesity, given the fact that approximately two-thirds of adults are obese.

Professor Valabhji also revealed that around one-third of children are either overweight or obese. These weight problems are driving the rates of Type 2 diabetes higher. The clinical director said that they are now focusing their attention to prevent the ailment as part of the long term plan of the NHS.

Valabhji said that helping people steer clear of diabetes can be potentially life-saving. This is why the results of the new scheme are very encouraging.

A Partnership With The NHS

He said, however, that he must admit the NHS cannot achieve success in the battle against obesity alone. This is why the health organization is providing the populace with tools and information so they will be able to help themselves. By doing so, they would be changing their own and others’ lives, as well as free up crucial resources of the NHS.

In the UK, approximately four million people are living with Type 2 diabetes. The ailment, as well as its complications, is costing the NHS over £10billion in treatment annually.

According to official estimates, the increasing rate of people affected by the ailment may result in nearly 39,000 diabetics suffering from heart attacks in 2035. The chronic ailment may also cause over 50,000 strokes by that time.

The New NHS Scheme

The NHS scheme involves a nine to a 12-month program designed to prevent or delay the onset of the ailment by helping patients make crucial changes in their lifestyles.

The assistant director of policy and campaigns of Diabetes UK, Helen Dickens, said that the number of obese people in England nearly doubled during the last 20 years. She also said that obesity is responsible for around 80% to 85% of the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Programs like the NHS scheme are vital to helping people avoid or delay the onset of the ailment.