• Nintendo could launch a new Switch console this year
  • A more powerful Switch has been rumored in the works since 2018
  • Nintendo has not confirmed any of the leaks about the new Switch console

A new and more powerful Nintendo Switch console is currently in the works. The Japanese gaming giant is reportedly planning to announce it sometime in September this year, according to individuals claiming to know about the product.

Rumors about a new and powerful hybrid console have been making rounds online since 2018, but while Nintendo has released two new models over the years, these are not the kind of Switch insiders are talking about. GraffitiMAX, a Chinese insider known for accurately leaking details of a new Splatoon 3 Switch OLED model, is back and this time claimed that the Switch Pro, or whatever Nintendo plans to call it, will be announced in September.

The insider, who wished to stay away from the spotlight, said on the Chinese forum, Baidu Tieba that he "already said it in last month’s post, I expect it to be announced in September," referring to the new Switch console. They also mentioned fans preparing for "the dawn of 60 frames."

Nintendo has faced persistent speculation about its plans for a new version of its Switch console
Nintendo has faced persistent speculation about its plans for a new version of its Switch console AFP / Behrouz MEHRI

Apparently, they are not the only ones who can confirm this new set of details, as an insider who goes by the name Pixelpar, said the same. On Twitter, they said, "It looks like a new model could be announced towards the end of the year," noting that they have "tried to keep away from these types of rumors for so long, but way too much smoke now."

The insider did not provide a definitive month for the said announcement but disclosed some details about the new Switch model. On top of improved performance, they mentioned the upcoming model retaining the Switch branding and working with the game cartridges current Switch models use.

"Apparently works with current carts, improved perf, retains branding & form factor," the tweet read. It is worth noting that while these insiders have shared accurate information in the past, what they provide now is not yet official.

Fans should temper their expectations and treat the latest set of details about the supposed new Nintendo Switch model as highly speculative at this stage. Nintendo introduced the classic Switch model in 2017, released the Switch Lite in 2019 and Switch OLED in 2021.