The Walking Dead
Shows like "The Walking Dead" or "NCIS" remain incredibly popular despite recent shooting tragedies. AMC

If you’ve had a hard time getting a TV fix featuring gratuitous zombie violence over the past few months, you’re in luck. AMC has just released a trailer for the second half of “The Walking Dead” season 3. And as always, things just keep looking worse and worse for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors.

Let’s take a look at exactly how bad things seem: Darryl appears to have been kidnapped by the Woodbury clan and forced to fight his brother Merle, the now-one-eyed Governor is on the warpath, and, of course, there are still zombies everywhere. Not exactly a cheery setup for anyone. But at least it means "The Walking Dead's" next season should make for great TV.

There are plenty of exciting scenes in the new trailer, but perhaps the most intriguing moment is Hershel telling Rick, “You once said this wasn’t a democracy. Now you have to own up to that.”

It looks like Rick’s authority is about to be questioned hard in the prison, and while “The Walking Dead” hasn’t always handled power struggles between our band of survivors in the best way, if the quality of the writing holds up, it could be a big step up from the awkwardly written Shane-Rick arguments.

Check out the trailer for new episodes of “The Walking Dead” below, and make sure to catch season 3.5 when it premiers Feb. 10 on AMC.