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Micro-blogging site Twitter went out of order for more than an hour after it was overloaded with New Year greetings and posts. The site crashed at midnight in Britain after recording a stream of over 16,000 tweets per second.

For one hour no one could post new messages or do any activity on the social networking site. An upset user tweeted, “Twitter is over capacity.”

Social networking sites have made it really easy and convenient to communicate with a mass of people. A post of wishes and greetings for all is indeed an easy escape from the tedious job of messaging or calling people individually.

Millions of twitter users sent each other New Year greetings and blessings. People talked about their past year, celebration plans, New Year resolutions and came up with hilarious “happy-high” posts.

Even the ones who were partying on the New Year's eve were active on the Twitter and Facebook, thanks to the advancement in mobile networking through which one can stay connected, no matter wherever they go.

“Don't know what to pick for this year's New Year's Resolutions. Last year's was Say yes to more things, which explains my obesity & Hep C,” posted a Twitter user Steve N Allen.

Another user whose Twitter name is FilipFilipi Filip Filipi wrote, “y (why) are people wishing a happy new year to everyone? happy newyr to every1 i like, if i dont like u hope u have the worst yr of ur life.”

Kojey Radical - TGA wrote, “My first tweet of 2012 needs to be something prolific right? .... erm Jitumbo Winglefliburburburt .. Happy new year.”

“NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION # 3 - I will carry a hammer with me and immediately knock out the teeth of anyone who mentions the Mayan calendar,” posted Jim Norton, referring to the rumor that the world will end in December 2012 according to the Mayan calendar. Certainly, it is one of the hottest topics of discussion these days.

Interestingly, another user tweeted, “My new years resolution get noticed by the boys and to meet them. Same as last year, lol.

On the same note, Sophie, a user, posted her resolution as, “New year, new start, new man.”

Sirkastiq wrote, “This is a new year... I intend to improve myself thisyear... To be more annoying than I was last year.”

“Morning and a Happy New Year to one and to all. If you want to shake off your hangover with art, come see me at work today,” Dan Feeney tweeted in the New Year morning.