Star Wars actor Mark Hamill.
Actor Mark Hamill wrote the forward for the NEW-GEN six-issue volume. Reuters

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, forever known as Luke Skywalker, is going to lend his creative consulting powers to the NEW-GEN comic book franchise.

The new gig was announced at New York City's Comic-Con on Thursday, Reuters reported.

NEW-GEN is about a scientist, Gabriel, and his apprentice, Deadalus, who live in a utopian society in another dimension, far from Earth. The two scientists end up fighting over powers of technology, as they each have different plans on how to use that power.

Hamill wrote the foreword for six-issue volume that is being released to introduce him to the franchise, Reuters reported.

NEW-GEN is a fresh and powerful new story that will surely resonate with audiences across multiple platforms, Hamill said, the entertainment Web site Deadline reported. I'm honored to join the franchise and upcoming feature film as creative consultant and aim to evolve this compelling universe for fans to enjoy with the APNG Enterprises team.