At Fashion Week, everyone gets a chance to see the clothes, shoes and accessories for the upcoming season as inspiration to model their own wardrobes, or perhaps even snag a ready-to-wear design right from the runway. But no one really knows about the mystery behind the scenes backstage preparing for a runway show.

The International Business Times caught up with members of the back of house -- the makeup and nail teams led by Edward Cruz and Lisa Logan, respectively -- backstage before the Falguni and Shane Peacock show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York who are responsible for adding accessories of their own to the collection: ornate makeup and nail designs.


Returning for a second time with Mehron Makeup, lead makeup artist Edward Cruz was responsible for directing the look, which he called post-modern punk.

"The models are all polished, luminous beauty," Cruz said backstage while readying the models. "The beauty inspiration is post-modern punk. What you're seeing is polished skin, brushed eyebrows, beautiful lashes, just a little bit of eye shadow. Just everything turned up, just the beauty turned up."

However, Cruz gave the models something else that surely other shows would not include: "a brow crown."

"It's something ornate," he said about his creation of a thin black line drawn above model's eyebrows. "An accessory to the beauty really."

According to the artist, having worked with Falguni and Shane for their Spring 2012 runway show helped inspire him to create a look to complement the designers' signature focus on detail.

"When we got the inspiration, it was like pattern on pattern, and brass and gold, and metallic and everything graphite, black and purple and royal blue and silver. And above it it's bold, its gothic...rock 'n' roll. And then I said, gothic, rock 'n' roll, this is punk rock. That's really what happens when you combine the two, you get punk rock," he said.

Cruz said while the team was originally going to create something with the air of rock 'n' roll out of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, they decided to go with something more beautiful and polished to harmonize with the intricate details and embellishments.

"It ties in with the detail," he said. "Falguni and Shane's attention to detail is like no other. There's a lot going on but it all makes sense. When you take a step back and really look at it, just like the brow crown, it all just falls into place. It's beautiful."

The look was created using Mehron's new pressed pigments, super long-lasting matte finish eye shadows that are edgy and highly-pigmented giving bold, intense color.

"Pressed pigments is everything right now," Cruz explained. "It's not about eye shadow, it's about pressed pigments."


Of course when you think of Fashion Week, it is all about the hair and makeup, but little does anyone know how much work is done by the manicurists backstage before a runway show.

Lisa Logan, lead manicurist with Pure Ice, put together a color combination almost as killer as a Falguni and Shane Peacock dress itself for a really cool grungy, but couture look.

"I had these colors come together -- siren, black rage, bite me and the golden ticket," Logan explained backstage before the show. "Lisa Cooper who was stylist wanted me to put some colors together and kind of reflect a little grunge but still really cool."

But don't get it twisted; The same way looks for Falguni and Shane Peacock incorporate a bit of grunge with glamour, Logan's intentions is to juxtapose the two.

"When I say grungy, I don't mean it in the nasty, dirty way," she explains. "I mean it in the baddest, coolest, hot way that I could possibly say."

So how did she achieve this look that seems to be impossible to emanate?

"I took the black and the red and basically used them as the base and on the tips of it. I fused the colors together so that one or the other wouldn't overwhelm. I piled the other colors and whisked them together so that the color kind of looked fiery with a stiletto point to them. Just a rager kind of rocker look," she said.

Logan said that she wanted to exude sexiness through her nail designs to complement the sexy runway looks and thankfully this season pointy nails are in.

"When I did it, I wanted it to be sexy. A stiletto nail, a pointy nail, is in. Also, colors like gold and shimmers are really cool."