When you attend a New York Fashion Week show you don’t expect to see witches and sexy mermaids and skimpy sailors walking the runway, but that’s exactly what happened at Yandy.com’s debut show Friday night. The eBoutique, known for its provocative lingerie, decided to participate in NYFW this year, hosting the first ever Halloween-themed costume show.

As people filed the venue, held at Pier 59 studios in Manhattan, they were greeted with Halloween buckets filled with candy, a pair of the brand’s cat opaque pantyhose and an embroidered venice eye mask. When the lights dimmed, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” started to blast over the speakers, once again reminding everyone they were not at a typical NYFW show.

Yandy.com showed off 39 different costumes, ranging from super sexy to silly and funny but made sure each look was still very fashionable. If you want your Halloween costume to be more on the provocative side, models walked the runway as a sexy lion, a skimpy sailor, a villainous vixen and a sexy wolf. The brand also had costumes for those hoping to turn their favorite emojis into real life outfits. The sexy poop emoji and sexy heart eyes emoji were both spot on. Other costumes showcased Friday night included Miss Witchcraft, Ruby Flapper, a black sequin mermaid, a butterfly with giant wings and Donna T. Rumpshaker, a play on Donald Trump.

Yandy NYFW4 One of the costumes displayed during Yandy.com’s New York Fashion Week show on Sept. 9, 2016 in New York. Photo: Minyvonne Burke

Yandy NYFW2 A model walking the runway during Yandy.com’s New York Fashion Week show on Sept. 9, 2016 in New York. Photo: Minyvonne Burke Yandy NYFW3 Yandy.com held its first New York Fashion Week Show, a Halloween-themed runway show, in New York on Sept. 9, 016. Photo: Minyvonne Burke Yandy NYFW1 Yandy.com held the first ever costume fashion show during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 9, 2016 in New York. Photo: Minyvonne Burke

Before checking out the runway show, International Business Times chatted with Yandy.com’s Chief Marketing Officer Charley Clemens and VP of Merchandising Pilar Quintana about the brand’s debut at NYFW and why they’ve become a go-to place for fun and innovative Halloween costumes.

International Business Times: How did this come about, a Halloween-themed New York Fashion Week Show?

Charley Clemens: I think it’s something that we’ve always been interested in. For us Halloween is a time when you can be really fashionable. A lot of the costumes that you see … traditionally haven’t been fashion-focused, but for Yandy we make it one of our top priorities to make sure that our costumes are really fashionable, trendy and featuring a lot of what’s hip and cool.

Pilar Quintana: Since Halloween is such a big part of our business and it’s something we’re passionate about, we try to make our styles follow a little bit what’s going on in the ready-to-wear market.

IBT: How long has this fashion show been in the works?

Clemens: It’s been in the works for probably, close to a year. It’s something that, I think for us, we just started thinking about it and … it I think it was a no-brainer for us because it’s never been done and I think it was a unique opportunity for us to showcase costumes as fashion and do something, like I said, that’s never been done.

IBT: Since this is Yandy’s first NYFW show, how does it feel to have this all come together?

Quintana: We were looking at each other like I can’t believe we’re here. … I’m so excited that this is what we’re doing. We carry so much other stuff on the site and this is such a fun thing, and to be different during Fashion Week and to compete with Kanye [West], what else is happening in New York, this is amazing to get to do this.

Clemens: I would say the same thing. We’re super excited, a little nervous obviously because this is the first time something like has been done, in a lot of ways, with a Halloween focused fashion show at New York Fashion Week. We’re really excited to see how people react to it. We do carry a lot of other products on the site, specifically lingerie, so some of the looks are going to reflect that. We have some of our everyday wear bra and panty sets paired with some accessories to kind of showcase the other side of the Yandy.

IBT: Do either of you have a favorite costume from the show, or do you know what you’ll be for Halloween?

Quintana: Some of them are like my babies. Some of the pop culture ones are my favorite, I think they’re funny.

Clemens: I think one thing for us is we do better than any other Halloween site because we don’t just carry the stuff you see all the time, we are innovative, we come up with really fun pop culture things. We’re a very fast-paced company that’s able to spin up costumes quickly, so if something happens and you want to be that for Halloween, chances are you can find it at Yandy.

IBT: Do you have any predictions on what Halloween costumes we will see a lot of this year?

Quintana: I think mermaids are still gonna be hot, even bigger than last year. I think they’re going to continue to do well. I think we have some goddess that are going to be amazing. Cops just never stop selling, those will always sell.

Clemens: I think you’ll see some throwback to some of the fantasy costumes, like Little Red Riding Hood always does well but there’s always new twists on them.

IBT: Is there anything else you want to add about Yandy’s debut NYFW show, or any other projects the brand is working on?

Quintana: I think it’s going to be a great show. This is different, people love Halloween. You’re going to see stuff you’re not going to usually see, it’s not going to be just a black jumpsuit out there, there’s going to be wings, pop culture, it’s going to be funny. There’s some cool stuff you’re going to see.