The New York City Police Department (NYPD) claims there’s nothing they can do to stop a man from again defecating outside a home in Staten Island.

Surveillance video caught the unidentified male intentionally defecating on the street outside the home of Andrea Rosenblum in Eltingville, a neighborhood located on the South Shore of Staten Island. It’s the second time this month this same man has relieved himself on the street in front of Rosenblum’s home. All the episodes took place at night.

The “Serial Pooper,” as this disgusting individual is being called, was caught on camera defecating at least twice this month. Rosenblum, 48, and her husband cleaned-up his poop each time.

They assumed it was from a dog until they reviewed video from their security camera posted outside their home.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Rosenblum, 48, to the Staten Island Advance, the only daily newspaper published on the borough.

Two videos from July 13 and 17 show the same man, wearing the same clothes, and carrying two bags defecating outside Rosenblum’s home. The man then flees the scene.

“It was disturbing and actually a little creepy because it happened while my family and I were sleeping,” said Rosenblum. “This was going on right outside the house.”

It’s bad enough the Rosenblum has to deal with the Serial Pooper, who might again do his thing one day. What’s worse is the NYPD saying they can’t do a thing to stop him. “New York’s Finest” hasn’t explained why.

“(I am concerned about kids) stepping in it because it is human feces and I don’t know who this person is,” said Rosenblum.