The body of a newborn baby in India was retrieved from a quarry pond Thursday. The child's mother allegedly killed the newborn by throwing the baby into the water.

The incident, which took place in the city of Kochi in the southern state of Kerala, came to light after the woman was hospitalized following post-delivery bleeding, The Hindu reported. On Wednesday, the doctors at Tripunithura taluk hospital attended to the woman and said she had recently given birth to a baby. Since the baby was not with her, the hospital authorities informed the police.

The authorities launched an investigation, and, during questioning, the woman confessed to throwing her baby into a quarry pond after giving birth Tuesday. The fire and rescue service personnel arrived at the pond and recovered the newborn's body. The baby was found covered in a cloth, the police said.

"The woman, who has three other children, was living alone here for a while after being separated from her husband. It is suspected that following this frustration she took the extreme step of killing her baby. The police are also investigating the role of others in the crime," a police officer told the New Indian Express.

The woman's husband and other relatives said they were not aware of the pregnancy. The police said they will be questioning the accused to learn more about the motive of the killing.

Representational image. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong

Earlier this month in India, a newborn baby was found abandoned in an isolated place in a forested area. The child was naked and smeared with blood when she was spotted by a morning walker. The police arrived at the scene and found the baby had been bitten by some ants, which were found on top of the child. There were also some bodily fluids on the infant. A team of women police officers rescued the child and rushed her to a local hospital. "We immediately arranged for a towel from neighboring families to clean the baby and remove the ants," police constable Mamta Nakke said at the time. "I wrapped the baby in the towel and held it close to myself for warmth. The baby was crying. We were trying to console it and also make it feel secure with our touch and voices."