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LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar are donating a total of $20 million into a new Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund that will research the safety considerations of AI. AndroidAuthority

Jeff Brown, a former Silicon Valley tech executive, works with his team of financial analysts at Brownstone Research to publish an investment newsletter called The Near Future Report and claims to have identified a megatrend of the future that you can invest and benefit from in multiple ways.

Jeff and his team of researchers spend most of their time finding disrupting technologies and associated industries to compile them in monthly issues of The Near Future Report that elaborates financial news, investment picks with market analysis, and future trends like Virtual/Augmented reality, 5G, autonomous vehicles, and AI.

Jeff claims that he has found a near-future trend that could create a new class of industry worth trillions of dollars in value. With electronic self-driving vehicles becoming increasingly popular across the globe, the Brownstone Research team has identified an incoming era of "Robotaxis", which is a fleet of shared autonomous vehicles (S.A.Vs).

The S.A.V Revolution in Brief

Tesla, headed by Elon Musk, started the revolution of the auto industry with self-driving cars powered by electric motors. Since Tesla's long-term vision seems achievable, any trend branching from the industry is likely to have a better chance at growth and success.

Jeff and his team conducted extensive research that led them to believe that Elon Musk's frequent acknowledgment of launching shared autonomous vehicles is a serious plan. They claim that Tesla is supposedly designing a $50,000 car to get this snowball rolling. The idea is that you can easily set the $50,000 Tesla in the SAV mode when you aren't driving, and your car will go around town to pick up people looking for rides. You will get paid for each ride your car completes, and Jeff estimates it could fetch $30,000 in additional income every year.

The investment newsletter also claims to have found out a Tesla part supplier for image sensors used in windshield cameras fixed on their EVs. The company that supplies these sensors to Tesla is not often talked about, which could lead to bigger capital gains if the company grows on Tesla's timeline due to higher demand for parts, according to Jeff.

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