Dying Light 2 places a heavy emphasis on melee combat
Dying Light 2 places a heavy emphasis on melee combat Techland


  • The Dying Force special equipment is hidden in a secret area within the "Doom" level easter egg
  • The item's blueprint can be found lying on the ground 
  • Dying Force requires a lot of scrap to craft

There are a number of wild and wacky Easter egg weapons strewn about in "Dying Light 2," and the Sith lord Force Choke from "Star Wars" is one of them.

Players who want to telepathically strangle the many human enemies in the game will want to grab the aptly-named Dying Force special equipment that's tucked away in one of "Dying Light's" secret areas. Thankfully, the area is not terribly hard to reach, but it does require some significant progress into the main campaign's story.

Force Choke Easter Egg Location

Simply put, Dying Force is inside a secret room within a secret room. Players will first have to reach the VNC Tower and complete the "Broadcast" quest in order to activate the building's elevator. This is required because the first hidden room is located underground.

Dying LIght 2 - Doom easter egg
The door that leads to Level 0's elevator in Dying Light 2's VNC Tower Dying Light 2

The destination is the "Doom" level Easter egg, and it can only be accessed after power to the entirety of the VNC Tower has been restored.

Go to the elevator in the lobby and go down to the basement. Then, swim through the flooded halls again and go through the door with the broken window on the other side of the passage. There will be an elevator at the end of the hall. Go to it, hit the button, and descend into Level 0.

Take note that players will need to have five black rubber ducks in their inventory before they can do anything in this room. The locations of these ducks can be found in this post from Redditor u/DaddyPockets.

Place the ducks on the tables then connect the power cables in a way that forms a pentagram over the room. A shotgun will appear in the middle and teleport players to "Doom's" E1M1 level.

"Doom" Level Secrets

The layout of the "Doom" level is very faithful to id Software's original 1993 game. This includes the location of secret rooms found.

Blast through the zombies and go past the area with the zigzag pathway. Before opening the door at the end, turn right and there should be a prompt to open a hidden door. Dying Force's blueprint will be on the floor in the outdoor area surrounded by zombies.

Dying LIght 2 - Doom easter egg2
The hidden altar that leads to the secret Doom easter egg in Dying Light 2 Dying Light 2