Nick Gordon
Bobbi Kristina Brown (left) and boyfriend Nick Gordon (R) appear together at the 'Sparkle' premiere on Aug. 16, 2012. Recently, Gordon made claims that he's planning a private memorial service for the late 22-year-old. Getty

More than one week after the Brown family buried Bobbi Kristina Brown, her ex-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, has revealed he will host a small ceremony of his own to remember and honor the 22-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston. Brown died on July 26.

The news comes from a report by Entertainment Tonight, which uncovered a Facebook post allegedly written by Nick Gordon that seems to announce a private memorial service. On a post honoring Bobbi Kristina made by the former couple’s friend, Mason Whitaker, Gordon reportedly left the following comment:

“We will have our own service remembering and honoring Krissi. Only the real family that actually was there for her will attend.”

The post seems to indicate that he is planning some kind of event for Bobbi Kristina’s close friends and not necessarily for the Brown family, who aren’t his biggest fans at the moment. Unfortunately, both the comment and the original post were deleted soon after the outlet discovered it.

Gordon wasn’t allowed to go to his late girlfriend’s real funeral, given some bad blood with the Brown family. According to CNN, a representative for the family has filed a multimillion-dollar wrongful death lawsuit, changing the claim made on a previous lawsuit. Apparently, Bobbi Kristina’s family believes that Gordon was in some way responsible for the Jan. 31 incident that left the young woman face-down and unconscious in a bathtub. The new suit claims Gordon gave Bobbi Kristina a “toxic cocktail” in order to knock her out. Previous reports claim that Gordon took money from his girlfriend’s bank account to the tune of $11,000 just after she was placed in a medically induced coma, adding an element of motive to the Brown family’s case.

As previously reported, Gordon’s mother revealed that, during the time of the funeral, he went to the beach in Florida, where he’s staying with family following a brief stint in rehab, for a moment of private reflection. However, it seems that wasn’t enough for Gordon as he’s clearly got something else in the works.

Meanwhile, Gordon’s legal team is preparing a defense against the accusations that he had any involvement in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tragic death. According to a different report from CNN, Gordon’s lawyers Joe Habachy and Jose Baez released the following statement regarding their client:

“Nick has been heartbroken and destroyed over the loss of his love, and it’s shameful that such baseless allegations have been presented publicly. Nick has engaged civil counsel and intends to defend the lawsuit vigorously and expose it for what it is: a fictitious assault against the person who loved Krissy most.”