Fresh off the recent American Idol judges announcement, reports are surfacing that indicate Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are already butting heads.

While the hit Fox show recently confirmed that Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban had been added to the "American Idol" judging panel, in addition to previously added Mariah Carey, and veteran judge Randy Jackson, TMZ is reporting that Carey and Minaj went at it during the first "Idol" taping Sunday in New York City.

According to the report, as soon as Nicki started critiquing a contestant, Mariah would interrupt. Thirty Mile Zone goes on to cite sources who say that Nick Cannon's wife continued the behavior even though the YMCB diva fought back by loudly.

One source went on to say that Carey and Minaj tried to cover up the conflict of interest but everyone saw through it, saying, "These girls just don't like each other."

In late August when reports surfaced that hinted towards Minaj being considered for the position, TMZ published a story that said when producers called Mariah to tell her that Nicki would probably be joining her as a judge, she hung up the phone in disapproval.

Minaj, Carey, Urban and Jackson will take their places on the judges panel for "American Idol" season 12, which debuts in January 2013.

"I am thrilled about this year's judges' panel! We've got global icon Mariah Carey and IDOL's heart and soul Randy Jackson, who will be joined by Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban. Nicki's an unbelievably captivating international phenomenon who has made an indelible mark on rap and pop. And Keith is another great addition to IDOL - he's one of the biggest stars in country music and I know that our fans and contestants will fall in love with him," Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company, told Fox news.

"With an unparalleled star like Mariah, fan-favorite Randy, chart-toppers like Nicki and Keith and our incomparable host Ryan, we've put together one of the most exciting judging panels around," he added

As auditions for the next American Idol began on Sunday in NYC, other audition cities include Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte, San Antonio, Baton Rouge and Oklahoma City.