After collaborating with Migos on “Motorsport,” all seemed well between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. However, it looks like the New York rappers may not be on the best of terms these days, following a shady tweet from the “No Frauds” artist.

The drama started on Wednesday, when Minaj shared a message that many fans believed was directed at Cardi. “I’m glad y’all peeped,” she wrote at the time.

The tweet came a day after Cardi’s music videos for G-Eazy’s “No Limit” remix and Ozuna’s “La Modelo” were released. After the visuals for the songs began to circulate, fans quickly noticed that Cardi’s style of rapping was all too similar to Minaj’s.

After watching the videos, fans pointed out how the “Bronx Season” rapper went from singing to rapping and made several facial expressions, as Minaj tends to do in her own videos. Fans also believed it was more than a coincidence that Cardi jumped on a Spanish song not long after Minaj rapped in Spanish on the “Krippy Kush” remix.

“I said what I said ...she copying Nicki hairstyle, Nicki singing ...everything ..if only she can copy her writing ability ...oops,” one fan wrote in response to Minaj’s tweet.

“Cardi B being a wanna be Nicki in no limit video and releasing her Spanish song as Nicki always does,” the fan continued.

However, that doesn’t mean Cardi fans were silent throughout the ordeal. One individual noted that the rapper was of Spanish descent and has released music in the language before.

“Cardi is actually Dominican and grew up speaking Spanish and has been releasing songs with Spanish verses for quite some time now. What’s tea sis,” one person tweeted.

Baller Alert also shared Minaj’s tweet in an Instagram post, which resulted in Cardi fans calling out Minaj for attacking a new artist. “Cardi literally just got started & already broke a record Nicki didn’t do in however many years,” one fan wrote in the comment section.

Meanwhile, one passionate Minaj fan tried to shut down haters by listing Minaj’s accomplishments. “Until cardi wins 90 something awards, 400 nominations, do crossover music other then what she knows, have more than 1 plaque.. Do sold out shows and make more than 1 hit music, have a perfume and clothing line out... And modeling and acting on her belt ... And net worth becomes higher than Nicki .... Nicki will still hold the crown.”

Cardi has yet to address the buzz going around that she is copying Minaj’s style.