Nicki Minaj
Rapper Nicki Minaj, pictured at the premiere of "The Other Woman" on April 21, 2014, wrote a cryptic Twitter post Monday that led some to think she was talking about her boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill. Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Are “Anaconda” rapper Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend, Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill, still together? It seems one day the couple is supposedly expecting a child together and the next they have broken up. In the latest gossip, some fans assumed the two were headed toward splitsville after they posted confusing Twitter messages to their official accounts Monday.

“Caring [too] much about what others think will have [you] cursing your blessings. Be careful,” Minaj wrote Monday. “When [people] are unhappy with themselves they tend to blame and victimize others. Taking ownership of [your] actions causes [you] to excel at a quicker pace.” Her posts were liked and shared thousands of times by her 20 million Twitter followers.

Though Minaj, 32, didn’t name anyone in her obscure messages, it seemed she was taking aim at Meek, 28. After he got into a diss track feud with Drake, fans decided that the Canadian rapper had won the unofficial battle.

Fans were perplexed when Meek issued the following tweet: “Count me out!” He also shared an ominous hashtag that said, “Remember this tweet.” Even though Meek has fewer followers than his girlfriend, his apparent threat was liked thousands of times.

A day before the cryptic messages were posted, Minaj and Meek showed some major PDA, sharing a passionate smooch onstage. Days earlier, Minaj rubbed her boyfriend’s nether regions onstage.

Neither Minaj nor Meek have commented on the breakup rumors. Instead, Minaj took to Instagram Tuesday to praise the N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton.” “When black/Hip-Hop driven movies start doing these numbers at the box office everyone takes notice!” she wrote. “Very proud. Congrats to all involved.” Her 31.9 million IG followers supported her post, which garnered more than 475,000 likes.

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