• Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are, reportedly, living apart already
  • The 'Aquaman' actress and 'Stupid Boy' singer have, allegedly, been struggling for months
  • Nicole Kidman, recently, proved that she is Keith Urban's number 1 fan

There is no denying that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are among the most followed pairs in Hollywood. Though the “Eyes Wide Shut” star and the “Blue Ain’t Your Color” hitmaker are not shy in expressing their love for each other on social media, divorce rumors continue to plague their marriage. There are even claims saying that Nicole and Keith have lost the spark and their relationship continues to crumble by the day.

Recently, Woman’s Day Australia, in its March 30, 2020 issue, reported that Nicole and Keith are, now, living far away from each other. The entertainment news publication stated that Keith felt devastated after learning about the “Moulin Rouge!” star’s plan to relocate to Australia, alongside their two daughters – Sunday, 11, and Faith, 9, -- to be closer to her mom, who has a complicated heart condition.

“Keith understands Nicole wants to be closer to her mum. His own mother [Marienne] is no spring chicken either and he knows going home is inevitable, but he’s desperate to stay in the States for as long as he can,” a source close to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban told the magazine.

“Keith still has a bunch of music he’s working on that he needs to be in Nashville for. Australia just doesn’t have the same facilities as Tennessee. But the pull of the Kidman women is even stronger than Nicole’s bond with her own husband – a fact Keith accepted a long time ago,” it went on.

The informant furthered that the timing exacerbated their already-chaotic married life. Reports have it that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s conflicting schedules have taken a toll in their relationship, which could later end up in divorce.

“They’ve been struggling along for some months now, spending a lot of time apart and not joining each other on red carpets which is very odd for them. Word in Hollywood and Nashville is that their opposing schedules are making it hard for them to have time for each other,” the tipster explained.

“Uprooting their lives like this doesn’t look good where Keith is concerned. That Nicole’s being so adamant about leaving their life in Nashville behind, even though he has misgivings, isn’t a promising sign and at the very least it’s putting extra strain on their marriage where they really don’t need it,” it continued.

Both Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have yet to comment on these claims. However, with Woman’s Day’s reputation for publishing reports based on the stories made by its anonymous and undependable insiders, this could be another groundless rumor waiting to be debunked. So, avid followers of the couple should take these speculations lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman, recently, proved that she is Keith Urban’s number one fan when she was by his side during the singer’s live performance from his home. The “Wasted Time” hitmaker dedicated his 30-minute performance to all frontliners who have been working hard to fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. shared Keith sang his hit singles including “Somewhere in My Car,” “You Gonna Fly,” “Never Comin’ Down” and his latest track called “God Whispered Your Name.”