NIkki Bella and John Cena
NIkki Bella revealed she missed John Cena. The WWE wrestlers are pictured attending the ESPYS on July 12, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Although they are miles apart, it seems like Nikki Bella always seems to have John Cena on her mind, and it is safe to say that the WWE star thinks of his lady just as much.

On Wednesday, the “Total Divas” star shared a video on her Instagram Story, in which she was relaxing in her hotel room after a long day of work. Despite her leisure time, Bella wasn’t particularly thrilled about the moment she had to herself.

“Dinner for one, missing my man,” Bella says as she snacks on some veggies in the video. The WWE star has been busy on press tours promoting “Total Bellas” Season 2, her business ventures with twin Brie Bella, and most importantly, planning her wedding to Cena.

The star has already picked out her wedding dress, and is so involved with the wedding planning process that she is even organizing her own bachelorette party, which will be a 10-day vacation in France. “I don’t want a sash, I don’t want a crown, I don’t want vulgar stuff,” Bella told People.

The wrestler revealed that she would actually prefer to feel like royalty during her special celebration. “I want to feel like Princess Grace Kelly and I want caviar and I want to sip champagne,” she explained.

It seems like she wants to stick to elegance when it comes to the overall theme of her wedding, seeing as she wants the ceremony and reception to be a black tie affair. “I feel like no one ever has a good enough excuse to wear a tuxedo anymore,” she explained.

Bella also promised her twin, who is already a wife and a mother, that she will look “hot” in her bridesmaid dress and promised her sister a “very high fashion” look.

Wedding attire aside, Bella seems to have a strong bond to her husband-to-be, so much so that he is willing to break the rules for her. During an appearance on the “TODAY” segment of “One Small Thing,” Cena explained that although he lives a relatively healthy lifestyle, he will always be willing to put his tradition to the side for some quality time with his special someone.

“I enjoy wine at the end of the day, especially with Nicole because it allows us to unwind," he said. "A bottle of wine to me is a conversation because you can't just chug it. You have to enjoy it and sip it. Especially, we like deep-bodied reds. They need time just to open up. So, it’s our way to share conversation — guilty as charged,” he stated.

When he isn’t indulging in wine with his wife-to-be, the wrestler is typically very strict about his eating habits. “I, like everybody else, love food, I enjoy life,” he said.

“I love social time. But recurring bad choices as far as diet, as far as too much indulgence, are going to lead you to being unhealthy. So just overall make good decisions,” he explained.

Speaking of decisions, in the past Cena has insisted that one of the best ones he has ever made was proposing to Bella. Although the couple is still in the process of planning their wedding, it seems like they have no problem taking their time as their love story continues to unfold.