Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder
Nikki Reed continues to celebrate her 30th birthday with husband Ian Somerhalder. Pictured: The Hollywood couple attending CES in Las Vegas on Jan. 9, 2018. Getty Images/Jerod Harris

Nikki Reed turned 30 last Thursday, May 17, but she’s not done celebrating the milestone yet. Her husband, Ian Somerhalder, is also not complaining since he loves seeing his wife enjoying every moment of it.

On Monday, the “Twilight” actress took to Instagram to share a photo of her and her big brother, Nathan Reed, performing an acrobatic stunt together. In the picture, Nathan is seen lifting Reed by her hip using just one hand. The Hollywood celebrity is then suspended mid-air while striking a relaxed, almost-bird-like pose. Also visible in the photo is the pair of golden “3” and “0” balloons on the background.

Reed gushed in the caption that her older brother really knows her so well. “My sweet big brother @nathanaugustreed, you know me so well. For my birthday, all I wanted was a little Acro, a little Kambucha [sic] and a hug, and you gave me all of those things at once,” she wrote. Reed credited the photo to Somerhalder and said that he is the “amazing better half who loves watching me fly like a bird.”

Somerhalder also made a sweet gesture for his wife on her birthday. The “Vampire Diaries” star compiled photos of Reed and some of their sweet moments together and showcased them on his Instagram account. He also complemented his post with a heartwarming message saying, “Happy birthday my human!!!! I love your love, and I love watching you do all the things you love … Thank you for growing with me, growing our baby, and allowing me to be your partner in this life!”

Late last month, Somerhalder and Reed celebrated their third anniversary as husband and wife. Reed uploaded a snap she took of a Polaroid photo of them embracing while enjoying the sun’s rays hitting their faces and captioned it: “My life partner, Married three years ago today, and celebrating in the most perfect way. Nothing fancy. Just us and the cub. A date in nature, exactly as we did when this dance first began.”

Reed and Somerhalder tied the knot on April 27 through a secret wedding they staged at an outdoor reception in California. In an exclusive for Brides months after the wedding, the couple revealed that they surprised their family and friends by tricking them into attending their housewarming party. All the guests were transported to a secret ceremony site in Topanga Canyon, where the two exchanged wedding vows away from media attention.

Prior to Reed, Somerhalder had a highly publicized relationship with actress Nina Dobrev. Meanwhile, Reed was previously married to singer-songwriter Paul McDonald.