Nina Dobrev Derek Hough
Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough can be seen holding hands in a recent video. Instagram screen shot

Move over, Ian Somerhalder. Does “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev have a new boyfriend? The actress may have found love just five months after splitting from her co-star Somerhalder. And her new potential love interest might surprise you … it’s none other than her good friend Julianne Hough’s brother, Derek Hough.

After her breakup with Somerhalder, Dobrev leaned on Julianne Hough for support. According to E! Online, Hough dished to the site that the pair had met through celebrity hair stylist Riawna Capri, who told the “Safe Haven” star that “You guys have to meet.” Since then the pair have been “connected at the hip,” and now it looks like they’ll be getting even closer.

As we previously reported in mid-August, rumors started circulating that Dobrev was getting “cozy” with Julianne’s brother, Derek, the “Dancing With The Stars” pro. The pair were spotted hanging at Lollapalooza and seemed “really into each other.” While a rep for the “Vampire Diaries” star denied any romance and insisted they are “just friends,” a recent video of the two seems to tell a different story.

An Instagram video posted by a fan two weeks ago shows Dobrev and Hough reportedly at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. The “friends” can be seen watching a clown as he performs a magic trick that involves him drinking a beer and having the liquid come out of his top hat.

As Hough takes a sip of his beer, Dobrev can be seen arm in arm with him … their fingers seemingly interlocked.

Nina Dobrev told Us Weekly over the summer that she’s “in no rush” to jump into another relationship. But it’s possible that she may have had a little help form Julianne Hough. Star reports that Hough didn’t want to “see [Nina] with a loser.” An insider claims that she’s “super picky” about who her brother dates and decided to set them up.

Do you think Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough are dating? Check out the video below and let us know what you think.