Nintendo Switch pre-orders are going live today, and those able to get their hands on a console might be looking for some accessories to go along with their purchase. The selection is admittedly slim right now, but here’s what we came up with so far.

1) A MicroSDXC Memory Card: The Nintendo Switch has 32GB of internal storage, but that won’t be enough to hold more than a couple games at best. Thankfully Micro SDXC cards are supported. We don’t yet know what the maximum compatible size is, but we’d think you can't go wrong with 128GB to start. Rumors have indicated that Switch carts store about 16GB of data, so that should be more than enough space for the first year or so at least. [ Buy ]

2) A USB-C Car Charger: The Nintendo Switch battery is expected to only last about three hours when playing a strenuous game, so you might want to charge it in the car while on the road. A simple charger like the one linked here can do the trick for about $15. [ Buy ]

3) USB-C Power Bank: In that same vein, you can also spend a little bit more and invest in a Power Bank. These operate independently, so you don’t need to rely on a car to charge your Switch. A lot of folks used banks like this to make it through Pokémon Go binges this past summer. Now you can get another Nintendo-based use out of the same product. [ Buy ]

4) This Case/Screen Protector Set: We anticipate lots of manufacturers making their own Switch cases, but Nintendo is obviously the first to get out there and sell one. We can’t objectively rate it based on the store page, but it looks like a trim, standard pouch to hold the tablet. In addition to that, it also comes with screen protectors. Even if it’s not impenetrable, this seems like a good value to get you started at $20. [ Buy ]

5) Some Microfiber Cloths: This may seem a bit obvious to the technically inclined, but we thought it best to include anyway. People frequently buy new tech and are often afraid to dust off the display for fear of scratches. Using a damp microfiber cloth will ensure that your Switch stays shiny and new long after your pre-order box arrives. Pair it with the screen protector above, and then you’re really in business. [ Buy ]

The Nintendo Switch releases March 3 for $299.

Were you able to snag a Nintendo Switch pre-order, if not most retailers are reporting the Nintendo Switch is sold out for most pre-orders? Did you buy any of these kinds of accessories to go with it? Tell us in the comments section!