Nintendo Switch
Nintendo has introduced an official charging stand for the Switch console. Reuters/Toru Hanai

Nintendo Switch fans, your prayers have been answered. The Japanese consumer electronics and video game company has finally introduced an official charging stand for when the Switch console is used in tabletop mode.

On Wednesday, Nintendo of America announced via Twitter the new adjustable charging stand for the Nintendo Switch console, which is scheduled for release on July 13. This is good news to owners who like playing with the console on tabletop mode — the setup wherein the device is propped up using its kickstand.

As a hybrid gaming machine, the Nintendo Switch can be configured in several ways to take advantage of its new and advanced technologies. Post-launch, tabletop mode became a favorite among users, especially those who are into multiplayer games.

The problem with tabletop mode though is the fact that the configuration does not allow users to charge the console simultaneously. Thus, they need to switch to another mode to charge the device. That’s about to change when the charging stand arrives two months from now.

According to Eurogamer, the upcoming accessory is aptly called the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand. It has a $19.99 price tag, which makes it more affordable than some of the accessories being sold on the Nintendo Store, like the $29.99 Joy-Con Charging Grip, the $69.99 Pro Controller and the $79.99 Joy-Con (L+R) Set.

Based on the photo shared by Nintendo of America, the charging stand is made of plastic and it’s designed to help the Switch prop up on a flat surface just like the console’s kickstand. Compared to the kickstand though, the charging stand looks sturdier.

The charging stand comes with a charging port on its base and a slot on its side where the power lead wire could be popped into. The new accessory also does not act like a dock, for It lacks TV output to be considered a dock.