Portability is a big part of the Nintendo Switch and one fan found a unique way to take advantage of it.

Reddit user SSJStarwind16 posted a photo of him donating platelets while playing the Switch. As SSJStarwind16 pointed out in the photo’s caption, you can’t move your arms during a donation session, which makes the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers remarkably handy while blood is being drawn.

Playing Switch while Donating Platelets

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SSJStarwind16’s charity also got recognized by Nintendo of America:

"We wanted to personally reach out to you and say thank you for taking the time to share your platelets donation with the world. You are truly an inspiration and your actions will help shed light on this life-saving donation," a rep for Nintendo wrote on Reddit. "We know that this process takes a while and appreciate that you allowed the Nintendo Switch to be a part of it. We wish you and all of those you’ve helped with your donation the best."

In the comments, SSJStarwing16 said it’s not the first time he’s brought in hardware during an extended donation session.

“I'm a regular and I'm pretty much known as 'the tech guy' since I'm always being in toys and gadgets,” SSJStarwing16 said. “I've brought an old Netbook (runs XP, only works when plugged in) and my 2TB external HD loaded with movies and TV shows. They asked if I would be ok, I said they could probably keep me hooked up for three days with all the media I had on that hard drive.”

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The Switch, which came out in early March, is Nintendo’s latest console. The unit is anchored around a tablet-like device that can have Wii-like Joy-Con controllers connected to it. So far, the console has been a hit for Nintendo, reportedly selling an estimated 1.5 million units worldwide its first week, and has been buoyed by strong launch titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.