Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch's online services will cost less than US$30. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Gamers with an appreciation for older titles in the Nintendo catalog will likely appreciate the company’s latest announcement. Nintendo confirmed on Twitter Tuesday Blaster Master Zero will release for the upcoming Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS March 9.

The game is a reboot and reimagining that draws heavily from 1988’s NES title Blaster Master. Like the original, Blaster Master Zero revolves around a mix of side-scrolling platforming elements and top-down Zelda- like action-adventure gameplay.

While Blaster Master Zero shares the original’s retro-inspired graphics, the game will also include features like new levels, boss characters and updated gameplay tweaks. Additional downloadable content is expected for the game after launch. Check out a trailer for Blaster Master Zero and gameplay from the original Blaster Master below:

While Blaster Master Zero doesn’t necessarily have the same name recognition as Nintendo’s primary franchises, the retro title helps to add something new and bolsters the Switch’s launch lineup. With its March 9 release date approaching soon, the Switch’s launch catalog features a mix of familiar titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and ports like Just Dance 2017.