Nintendo Wii is the top searched product for this holiday season overall and in the electronics category ahead of rivals Microsoft Xbox and Sony PSP3, while Barbie dominates in searched toy items, an internet data monitor reported on Thursday.

Online searches for the Wii have increased 274 percent this week compared to the previous week, ending December 8.

Searches for the limited supply of this season's hottest gift, the Nintendo Wii, continue to grow as we approach the holidays, said Heather Dougherty, Hitwise director of research in a statement.

During the first week of the shopping season, Nintendo sold more than 1 million consoles - including 653,000 DS portable systems and 350,000 Wii home systems . The company is still struggling to keep up with demand for the Wii a year after its launch, a situation Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime called a missed opportunity.

Other hot products searched for from the electronics category include digital picture frames coming in at second place followed by Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and cell phones. Sony PSP and the Apple iPhone came in 6th and 7th place respectively with Guitar Hero securing number 10.

While Wii should remain the clear hardware leader in November data, we believe PS3 and Xbox 360 unit sales have improved heading into the holiday period due in part to the recent price reduction, said Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Markets.

The reduction followed price cuts on PlayStation 3 in October making the 80-gigabyte version retailing for about $499, down from $599. Microsoft's Xbox 360 retails for $400 while the Wii is at $250 a piece.

In Asia, Nintendo's Wii Fit game has managed to take the top spot in terms of sales in Japan, according to Media Create research group. It has already sold 150,000 units for the week ending December 9th.

Also in the report, traditional favorites such as Barbie, Build a Bear, Legos and Bratz were the most searched products. Meanwhile, top luxury items included Uggs, Coach purses and Coach handbags.