Wo Long Duel
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is set in a fantasy version of China's Three Kingdoms era Team Ninja


  • "Wo Long Fallen Dynasty" is set in the Later Han dynasty of ancient China
  • The game features fast-paced combat with fluid movement and controls
  • It is scheduled for a March 2023 release

Team Ninja is set to introduce another ultra-fast soulslike game, but this time, it'll be set in China's Three Kingdoms period, albeit in a darker and more fantastical tone.

"Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" is set to be "Nioh's" spiritual successor, taking the latter's breakneck fight pacing and fusing it with the graceful style of Chinese martial arts.

A new wave of demo footage was posted by multiple sources online, with many noting how much its gameplay has improved over time.

"The fact that Team Ninja has taken such swift action on feedback from the beta is not only impressive but also incredibly reassuring," said IGN in their post-beta review.

Much like its Japan-themed predecessor, "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty' thrusts players into a dark fantasy version of history where demons plague the battlegrounds of men.

Here, the main protagonist is an unnamed militia soldier who is trying to survive the horrors surrounding them as they rise from a nobody to a distinguished hero during the Later Han dynasty.

Wo Long boss
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty features both humanoid and monstrous enemies Team Ninja

The combat is fast and fluid like every other Team Ninja game. As a soulslike, "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" incorporates the classic stamina-based battle system with the traditional dodge rolls and pattern recognition typically seen in a FromSoft title.

However, Team Ninja also used Chinese martial arts as an inspiration for their new game's combat. Expect to use battle styles based on Wu Xing's Five Phases against men and monsters alike while seamlessly shifting between offensive and defensive stances in a masterful show of force.

Attacks are quick and responsive, and the weapon variety, which features the classical Chinese arsenal of curved blades and polearms, is plentiful enough to offer players different playstyles. Some moves have longer reach than regular attacks, while others are capable of launching and juggling light enemies into the air while players assault them with a flurry of blows from below.

Combat is complemented by an array of spells and the quintessential Parry maneuver that opens enemies up to lethal ripostes.

"Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" is scheduled for a March 2023 release on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Wo Long - Lu Bu
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will star notable figures from the Three Kingdoms period Team Ninja