A New Jersey woman is hoping to have her lawsuit reinstated after a waiter at the Alpine Country Club spilled red wine on her $30,000 Hermès handbag.

The incident took place in September 2018 at which time Maryana Beyder was dining at the country club when a waiter spilled wine on her expensive pink handbag. As a result, Beyder filed a lawsuit against the Demarest business in November 2019.

NorthJersey.com reported that Bergen County Superior Court Judge Estela De La Cruz dismissed the “without prejudice” on July 24 after being informed that Beyder and her husband did not appear at depositions despite receiving notices and a subpoena.

Kenneth Merber, the lawyer hired to represent Alpine Country Club, also claimed Beyder failed to cooperate during the discovery stage.

On Tuesday, Beyder’s attorney, Alexandra Errico, filed a motion to reinstate the lawsuit against the club for “negligent hiring” of the waiter who ruined Beyder’s Hermès handbag.

In the documents, Errico provided her client’s statements for the discovery process and “two expert reports and email exchange” between Beyder and David Graf, the president of Alpine Country Club.

During a 2019 interview with NorthJersey.com, Errico claimed that the club wouldn’t cooperate with the legal proceedings and that the insurance company dismissed the complaint.

“It’s sort of like a rich person problem. They couldn’t comprehend that a bag could be that much. I think that was the biggest problem with that. They kind of discriminated against her that she actually owned that type of bag,” she explained.

A decision regarding whether the lawsuit will be reinstated is expected to be made on Aug. 28.

Hermes Bag
A Hermes bag is pictured. REUTERS