No Man’s Sky
The latest “No Man’s Sky” update comes with a lot of bug fixes. No Man’s Sky Website

Sean Murray and his team at Hello Games have once again rolled out a new patch for “No Man’s Sky” — the action-adventure survival game that quickly became controversial post-launch due to missing features. The latest update, Next Patch 1.55, does not come with new content, but it significantly improves gameplay with its bug fixes and improvements.

In a blog post that announced the release of the update, the studio said the patch was rolled out to the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Hello Games also thanked fans who are still playing the game and are actively reporting issues they encounter along the way. The developer then said that it is “working intensely” on improving the game.

Update 1.55 addresses the memory leak in the user interface, as well as the crashes that were happening with freighters. It also fixes the crash that affected certain planets and those that occur when making a race track in a borrowed Exocraft. The issue that was causing dialogue and rewards to repeat at certain found buildings has also been dealt with.

Players will like the new patch because it repairs the issues that caused them to get stuck in The Purge and the Ghost in the Machine missions. They will also notice that the trade commodities that were previously unavailable in the space station are already up for sale there. The patch also reduces the frequency of storms in certain situations.

The number of whispering eggs around Abandoned buildings has been reduced. The critical hit zone for biological horrors has also been noticeably lessened. The same can be said of texture memory usage. The reduction improves overall stability. Another evident change is the addition of audio to the target tagging UI.

“No Man’s Sky” was released on Aug. 9, 2016. Following its launch, many complained that the game did not live up to the hype due to the missing features that were previously promised by Murray and his team. However, the game has once again generated much attention starting late last month when the massive NEXT update was released, as per Polygon.

NEXT introduced the full multiplayer gameplay that everyone was asking for. It also brought with it big new features and improvements like near-unlimited base building and a graphical overhaul. It also enabled players to own multiple bases across planets and star systems. Furthermore, the update reworked and rebalanced all core substances and resources.