No Man’s Sky was last updated in March, and we haven’t heard much from the game’s developers since. As the controversial title nears its one-year, anniversary, however, Hello Games wants its fans to know that more PS4 and PC updates are coming.

The confirmation in question was posted on Twitter late last week and has only recently garnered public attention. When asked if the team was still developing No Man’s Sky, the Hello Games official account replied “we are.” When pressed further for increased communication the following day, the account added “we’re here, don’t worry.”

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As those who follow No Man’s Sky closely will know, long periods of silence have been par for the course since its release last August. Following intense fan backlash over undelivered features, rumors quickly emerged that, in the months after launch, Hello Games’ offices had been abandoned. The team returned with the Foundation Update in November and the Path Finder Update in March. In other words, waits of three to four months between major additions have become the standard.

Also characteristic of the studio, however, there’s not much we know about what to expect from a possible future update. While the Path Finder Update was preceded by data mining and leaks, the only clues we have about what’s next seemingly relate to the reintroduction of a pre-release feature. However, because that hint arrived nearly two months ago, it may not even be accurate today.

With regard to what No Man’s Sky players would like to see, there’s been lots of debate and discussion about large-scale space combat, meaningful factions and multiplayer interaction. Even if those concepts aren’t as fully realized as Hello Games may have originally intended, it’d be a solid show of good faith to finally bring those features to the game. This is especially true considering the vast majority of this title’s passionate fan base has seemingly left this space exploration epic behind.

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While not much has been going on with No Man’s Sky in terms of updates, there have been a few key studio changes that suggest the game has entered the legacy stage of development. Late last year and into early 2017, Hello lost programmers and designers to new positions. A new programmer and director were brought in to fill those vacant slots. Staff shuffles during a game’s post-release months are fairly common in the games industry, however, so the changes aren’t necessarily cause for alarm.

No Man’s Sky released last August as one of 2016’s most anticipated games. However, in the days after launch, it quickly became apparent that Hello had to downsize some of its promised aspirations to meet that release deadline. Project lead Sean Murray was targeted with threats, lawsuits and was even forced to scrap interview appearances. The title became a scapegoat and joke for months to come. Updates have since softened the reaction a bit, but most explorers never returned.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4 and PC. If patterns are any indication, we may be hearing something from the team soon.

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