• A Farmer NPC must be present in at least one base before players can start farming
  • Farmers will give players agriculture-related quests and blueprints
  • Players can grow crops on freighters

Farming is a completely optional side activity in "No Man's Sky" that can bring some tangible and lucrative benefits to the player and their interstellar fleet of explorers. It is not only good for getting cooking ingredients, but it can also be an excellent source of Nanites and Units.

Starting up a farm is relatively simple, but it does require a little bit of progress past the initial tutorial stage, as well as a couple of core tech blueprints. Here's a quick guide on how to make a farm in "No Man's Sky."

Essential Blueprints and Quest Progress

First, players will have to finish the Awakenings tutorial quest and start the Expanding the Base quest, which will have players recruit base-related NPCs like the Farmer.

Having a farmer is required before players can plant seeds. They can be found and hired from space stations, and a working Agricultural Terminal must be present in a powered, player-owned base.

Unlock the following blueprints from the Space Anomaly's Construction Research Station:

  • Square Room
  • Straight Corridor
  • Door
  • Bio-Dome

The rest of the blueprints such as the Hydroponic Tray and various plants can be obtained directly from the farmers themselves.

Setting up the farm

First, create a base normally on any planet by using a Base Computer. Then, place an energy source like a Biofuel Reactor or Solar Panels so facilities can have power. Next, place all of the stations and NPCs required by the Expand the Base quest, including the farmer and the Agricultural Terminal.

From here, players can pick between using Bio-Domes or Square Rooms. The former has up to 13 usable plant slots, while the latter can be fitted with numerous Hydroponics Trays.

To unlock more plant blueprints, players will have to do quests for the farmer. These will mostly involve finding certain materials and items and giving them back to the NPC. Players can simply buy the required items from trade terminals should they be lucky enough to find a star system that has some in stock.

Lastly, be sure to unlock the Haz-Mat Gauntlet technology to allow for the harvesting of radioactive plants.

Once blueprints are unlocked, seeds can be planted in Cultivation Chambers aboard freighters.

No Man's Sky - Cultivation Chamber
Cultivation Chambers can be constructed aboard freighters for interstellar farming - No Man's Sky No Man's Sky