• 'Noragami' set to return to Netflix with season 3
  • Season 3 will explore Hiyori Iki's storyline
  • New season reportedly focuses on dynamics between Yato and his father

During the lockdown, streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max provided people with the entertainment to make every day in lockdown different. In particular, Netflix introduced anime series into its library, including "Noragami," which is reportedly getting a third season.

Finance Rewind reported that the Japanese manga, written and illustrated by Kataro Tamura and initially published in 2011 by Kondansa USA, is returning after four and a half years. That's also how long since the Noragami group announced that the anime will come back. The show's first season is already on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The popular anime series has been popular with the people who follow it on manga. According to TV Season Spoilers, clamor for the new season had been building up since the second season of the show did well. It was a long wait from 2015, but finally, answers as to why the third season had been put on hold has been provided by the showrunners.

Those who follow the manga will know that it recently took a hiatus. Publishing picked up and made a successful run until February 2017, when the manga took a long sabbatical. It then returned in August 2018, picking up the pace and showing for it with a new volume that arrived in February 2019. The latest Japanese version of the manga was published in October 2019 and the English version was released this year.

Before, the makers of the show said that there is very little content to make into a follow-up for the anime. With three consecutive manga volumes out now, the series has enough material to make a season 3 for Netflix. Fans who are looking out for season 3 may have no official launch date to pin their hopes on, but the number of volumes released for the manga may be a telltale sign that the latest season is already in the works.

The series tells the story of schoolgirl Hiyori Iki, whose soul can slip out of her body to travel between two parallel worlds. The latest season will have fans finally knowing Yato's true identity, along with a revelation that the random man kissing Hiyori is Yato's father. The season will also focus more on the relationship between Yato and his father.

Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine may be returning for another run
The new season may focus on the dynamics surrounding Hiyori, Yato, and more. Netflix / Noragami