A North Carolina dad was arrested for bringing a gun to an elementary school when a soccer game was going on, authorities said.

According to a statement released by the Union County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, the incident happened over the weekend at the Marvin Elementary School on Old Province Road in Waxhaw, WCNC-TV reported.

Paul Mobley, of Charlotte, was arrested Monday evening for bringing a gun to the campus without a concealed carry permit, according to Charlotte Observer.

Authorities were called to the school after a heated exchange broke out between Mobley and his wife over the custody of their child. At some point during the fight, Mobley's gun fell out of his pocket.

No one was injured in the incident. Mobley was taken into the Union County Jail and was released after posting a $1,500 bond, according to News Maven.

Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey said a person who brings a gun to a school in such a "reckless manner" poses a great danger to himself and the community. "Bringing a firearm onto a school campus in such a reckless manner is both extremely dangerous and a crime and I am thankful that no one was injured," Cathey told Charlotte Observer.

He urged parents to use other safer points, such as Sheriff's office parking lot, to have their messy fights over child custody. "Parents who are regularly involved in child custody exchanges should use caution and take advantage of safe, local drop-off points such as the Sheriff's Office parking lot to ensure their child's safety as well as their own," he added.

A concealed carry permit allows an individual to carry a concealed weapon. North Carolina issues such a permit to both residents and non-residents, and military personnel posted in the state under select restrictions, and on condition that the permit holders secure their guns in their vehicles whenever visiting a school compound.

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