NRA Women posted a tweet on Wednesday about ways children can have fun at a shooting range. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

NRA Women posted a tweet Wednesday about the ways children can have fun at a shooting range. The message came two days after an Arizona range instructor was shot in the head when a 9-year-old girl he was instructing lost control of an Uzi submachine gun.

In a tweet titled "7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range" via @TeamWON. READ...," the women of the National Rifle Association group included a link to the article that provided a list of creative targets, including multicolored targets, mutant and zombie targets, and animal-shaped targets that would engage young shooters who are bored with the traditional bull’s-eye.

“Sometimes they [children] want, or rather need, to have fun at the range. That’s when it’s time to introduce other types of targets to change things up, so children have fun at the range,” wrote Mia Anstine, who noted that she's raising a daughter. The tweet remained on the NRA Women’s Twitter page for a little more than an hour before it was deleted. No further explanation was provided.

Arizona shooting instructor Charles Vacca, 39, died Monday while training a 9-year-old girl how to shoot an Uzi at Bullets and Burgers, an outdoor shooting range outside of Las Vegas. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Department deemed the shooting an accident, after the recoil from the weapon sent bullets over the girl’s head, the Washington Post reported. Vacca was shot in the head and airlifted to a Las Vegas hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The death has sparked further debate in the United States about training children to handle guns.