• The bust led to the arrest of four people that were part of the so-called "Iron Pipeline"
  • The alleged suspects transport "highly dangerous, illegal firearms" between Queens and Virginia
  • The successful mission ended the police's 10-month long undercover investigation 

More than 20 firearms were confiscated while four people were arrested after authorities took down a gun trafficking ring in Queens, ending a grueling 10-month long undercover investigation on the case.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz spearheaded in announcing the successful bust in a news conference Wednesday, July 22. Katz added that the investigation gathered at least three different law enforcement agencies in two states, MSN reported.

The investigation led authorities to discover four alleged suspects who were part of the so-called “Iron Pipeline” that transports “highly dangerous, illegal firearms” between Queens and Virginia.

Police gather evidence a day after a deadly shooting at a Jewish deli in the New York suburb of Jersey City
Police gather evidence a day after a deadly shooting at a Jewish deli in the New York suburb of Jersey City Afp / Bryan R. Smith

“This is the result of a joint investigation with NYPD with the clear goal of getting guns off our streets that would have otherwise been illegally sold and used to create mayhem in the city of New York,” according to the New York Post, citing a statement from Katz.

Police said Jessica “Cess Milla” Heyliger has been accused of heading the illegal business. The 35-year-old Queens native would allegedly purchase firearms from 36-year-old Laquan Benson, a dealer from Virginia.

Heyliger and 32-year-old Sharod King would then sell the guns in New York City through online classified ads, while 36-year-old Michell Myree was Heyliger's “back-up gun supplier,” authorities said, through the outlet.

23 illegal firearms were purchased by undercover agents since the investigation started in September 2019. They were also able to buy 10 large-capacity magazines from the underground business.

Among those that were sold to undercover officers were a pair of .40 caliber Taurus pistols, a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol, a 9mm Sig Sauer pistol, a .30 caliber Remington Arms pistol, two 9mm Taurus pistols and a 9mm Keltec pistol, said the New York Daily News.

The gun ring bust came after New York City continues to face a surge in gun violence. The NYPD said the city had 28 shootings last week with 35 people being shot during the shooting spree that happened between July 17 and July 19.

One of the victims was one-year-old Davell Gardner, who was shot in the abdomen during a cookout Sunday. Four people were also injured at the time of the incident, said USA Today.