suv driver uncle
The cop pictured here says Alexian Lien has an uncle who ordered a crackdown on bikers. Screen Grab via Gothamist

A New York state trooper who pulled over a pair of bikers on the Palisades Parkway was caught on camera saying that Alexian Lien -- the SUV driver beaten in front of his wife and 2-year-old daughter in the now-infamous motorcycle gang assault last month -- has a powerful state trooper uncle who “sent the word down” that bikers be written up or busted for even the smallest offences.

As Jalopnik reports, the video shows the officer stopping the bikers for speeding on the parkway about 15 minutes from where Lien was viciously beaten and slashed by a group of bikers.

The officer blocks the road with his SUV and asks the biker filming if his camera helmet is off. The biker lies, saying his camera is off.

“I'm gonna give you a fair warning, okay? It's off limits right now,” the police officer says. “Anything over five over the speed limit -- you guys are going to get stopped, you guys are going to get written. After what happened in New York City, this is what they're doing. Okay, the guy who was assaulted -- his uncle is one of our bosses on our job. So he sent the word down, that all these bikes are getting stopped, and they're going to get written.”

The police officer lets both bikers off with a warning.

As Gothamist points out, it hasn’t been confirmed if what the officer says is true. If it is, however, it’s the latest chapter in an ongoing saga that has led to multiple arrests, including several off-duty, undercover cops who reportedly took part in the gang beating on Lien.

Watch the video below.