A man in New York City murdered his girlfriend Sunday and then received the police at his doorstep with his hands visibly soaked in blood.

Police responded to a 911 call citing a fight at an apartment in Wilson Houses on E. 105th Street. The suspect, identified as Daniel Arlequin, 35, walked up to them at the doorstep shirtless when police noticed blood on his hand, New York Daily News reported.

Arlequin let officers inside the apartment where they found Gonzalo’s lifeless body in the bedroom. Medics rushed to revive Gonzalo, but to no avail.

It was not the first time police were called to Arlequin’s place as over the past two years, he was reported at least three times with regard to domestic abuse of his 48-year-old girlfriend, Tania Gonzalo. She had an active order of protection against him when the crime happened. Police said the active order wouldn’t permit Arlequin and Gonzalo to share the same apartment. They were staying together despite the order.

Police said Arlequin dealt violent abuses to Gonzalo in three prior instances. The first happened in 2018, when Arlequin broke her toe by throwing a heavy object at her. He was charged with felony assault and two other ghastly cases of abuse followed suit, leading to his arrests twice in 2019.

Arlequin, who was cooperative with police, was taken for questioning and later charged with murder, strangulation, assault and criminal contempt. Police said Gonzalo suffered head trauma, as well as strangulation. The city medical examiner was investigating the exact cause of death.

New York Police Department commissioner Dermot Shea hinted at a possible spike in domestic violence cases amid the coronavirus lockdown. Cops have been calling known victims, rolling out safety plans and giving them code words, in case their abusers were listening.

In July, a man in Dubai killed his girlfriend by slitting her throat and then drove her body in the car for at least 45 minutes before turning himself up to the police. The 27-year-old man confessed that a heated exchange between the duo led to the murder. He said he stabbed her several times prior to slitting her throat.

Representational image of a handcuffed man. SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images