• The boy suffered a severe head injury from hitting an unknown object
  • Cops and paramedics lifted him from atop a train car at a station in Queens
  • MTA officials warned against subway surfing as it's dangerous and causes delays

New York -- A 15-year-old boy struck his head and suffered injuries while riding on a train car's roof in New York.

Cops found the teenager on top of the train and took him to the hospital in critical condition.

The teenager performed the dangerous stunt atop a 7 train in Queens on Thursday. Officials believe the boy knocked his head on an unknown object and suffered a severe head injury while the train was running on elevated tracks, according to NY Daily News.

Responding officers found the boy unconscious on top of the train inside the 111th Street station in North Corona at around 6:30 p.m.

The boy was bleeding profusely as officers and paramedics lifted him and placed him on the subway platform. He was rushed to the hospital to receive medical attention.

Seven trains in both directions experienced a delay due to the incident.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officials released a statement and warned commuters of the dangers of performing such stunts on a moving train.

"Riding on top of a subway car is reckless, extremely dangerous and inconsiderate as it causes significant delays for other New Yorkers," said Pat Warren, MTA Chief Safety and Security Officer, according to ABC7NY. "Seeking a thrill that promises heartache for family and friends is foolhardy; choose other avenues to have some fun, ones that demonstrate respect for those you care about."

The incident involving the teen took place just weeks after a video was shared online showing a group of around eight people running on top of train cars, the New York Post reported.

As the train was crossing the Williamsburg Bridge, the reckless daredevils were captured running across the length of the Brooklyn-bound train.

Twitter users who saw footage of the incident chastised the youngsters, who remain unidentified.

“What are they doing, do they want to kill themselves together..??” one user wrote while another added, “This behavior is deadly.”

In an unrelated incident, a New Yorker died in a horrific accident that took place last week. The victim, Marcus Bryant, 37, was exiting a train when he got stuck between the train and platform. Bryant was then dragged along the platform and thrown onto the tracks before being struck by another train.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / ArtisticOperations