New York is pushing two policies aimed at promoting smartphone safety. Over the weekend, the New York Police Department handed out notices encouraging Apple iPhone users to upgrade to iOS 7, and Governor Andrew Cuomo announced 91 new “texting zones” on major state highways. Here is a full list of the texting zones.

The NYPD touts the additional security of iOS 7, namely the Activation Lock feature that requires a password before a phone can be erased or reactivated. iOS 7 also requires users to enter the phone’s Apple ID and password to turn off the “Find My iPhone” feature, which allows users to track their missing phone and remotely lock it from a desktop computer.

Both features make it harder for thieves to use or sell a stolen iPhone.

The flyers also promote the NYPD’s “Operation Identification Program,” which engraves a police-registered serial number onto devices. An NYPD spokesperson told Tom’s Guide that the program has led to 159 arrests since last May and the recovery of 99 iPhones, seven iPads, two iPods and a Macbook.

While New York is promoting Apple’s new mobile operating system, it wants to make sure you don’t use it while you drive. New zones will provide drivers with areas where they can pull over to use their phones. The texting zones are being tacked to preexisting Park-N-Ride areas and rest stops, and will be marked with large signs that say “it can wait.” A total of 298 signs will designate the 91 texting zones.

Gov. Cuomo announced that tickets for distracted driving were up 395 percent this summer over last summer.